80 lbs Dumbbell Rows for 10 reps

I have never really tried to lift heavy weights until recently,  I was doing dumbbell rows and I usually start with 40 or 50 lb dumbbells and work my way up to 50 lbs or 60 lbs max.  But I last week I realized that 50 lbs was super easy so I tried 65lbs, than 70 lbs.  With all the weight i was very easily able to do 10 reps with no problem.   So this week I started with 70 lbs and worked up to 80 lbs and again was able to do 10 reps not as easy but still 10 reps.  Pretty happy with this and excited to see what I can do next week.


Division Supply Company

Division Supply Company deceptive sales pitch

I recently posted on my instagram account

Get up at 4:30am be at the gym by 5 train back do cardio go home get the kids off to school, 1 hr commute to work at MIT come home feed horses feed family repeat. #tgif #girlswholift #ifbbpro#Oddosangels

and received a comment back by Jeremy Black from Division Supply Company

“Love this! We need Brand Athletes’s! Email us at info@divisionsupply.com if you want to join the team!”.

Gains Program

Gains Program photo credits division supply company

Well, you can imagine my excitement! I have been talking with a couple of supplement companies for the upcoming season and trying to get the right deal with the right company.  Now I have never heard of this company nor of its products but I thought what the heck when I get home I will work on my athlete resume and send my info over and see what they have to say and if they have a product that I like (hopefully an energy pill…lol) then just maybe this could work.

Now keep in mind I have been competing since I was in my teens that is for over twenty years, I have always done very very well, at the local, national and pro level.  Its just that I have always put my family and my work first, competing for me is a hobby and that is it!! I hope however to be more consistent the next few years.

Why I must share this deceptive marketing tactic from Division Supply Company

I have to share with the world the email I received back from this deceptive company called  Division Supply Company so no one else falls victim, please do not be so desperate to fall for this and if you are listed on their athlete page, shame on you. It is not too late to ask them to be removed from their site, if you are not sure how to do so please contact me here and I can help you do so.

They invited me to be a brand ambassador but it is really just a sales pitch to get me and other athletes to try to buy there products at 50% off. Give me a break!  The products are super expensive so the 50% is pretty funny! They claim they are all about helping others when really they are all about helping themselves.

It really is sad how many people are willing to take advantage of people in the fitness industry, I am constantly getting emails from athletes asking me about this company.  Save your money and go to http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/  all the products have reviews and come from well known companies that do not waste people’s time and do not have to resort to such deceitful tactics to sell their products.



  1. Brand ambassador (celebrity spokesman) is a marketing term for a person employed by an organization or company to promote its products or services within the activity known as branding. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.

Division Supply Company Email

My name is Jeremy Black, the Athlete Director at Division Supply Co. I just wanted to say thanks so much for getting back to me.  I liked what I saw in your IG post and I believe you have the potential to motivate, inspire,and represent what it means to be a Division Supply Co athlete.  We want you as a Team Division Supply Co Athlete.
Division Supply Co is a high quality, premium supplement brand. We are the best at what we do and we want the best athletes to represent the best products!  We’re about HELPING OTHERS be the best they can be. We motivate, encourage and inspire the fitness world!
I want to reach out to you directly and let you know more about how you can become a Division Supply Co Athlete.  Being an athlete will give you the edge to take your body to the next level, to inspire those around you, and earn free supplements along the way.
As an ambassador we want you to show us through your social media posts and interaction, how YOU motivate and encourage your followers to be the best they can be. So be sure to Tag us in all your posts so we can keep track of you! Add @division_supply, #theGAINScompany, #GAINSCo, or #divisiongainsters to all of your posts! Don't forget to do this because this is how we follow all your posts!
Today, the ability to promote and market yourself to others is greater than ever due to social media.  You have the power and opportunity to share your own fitness journey with your followers as they strive to achieve their goals as you have.  As we work together we can inspire and motivate not just those in your circle but the entire fitness world!
Enough talking, lets get the ball rolling! Here's how we get you started:
We are truly going to be investing in you, and we expect you to do the same. We special order you a high quality Division Supply Co Team shirt and Division Supply Co Team Blender Bottle all on us. We then let you choose a Team Supplement package of your choice. These Team Packages are close to 50 % off retail value and are only available to those who join our Team by using the Team Only Discount codes we are about to disclose to you. As you advance and show us what an asset you are as a Division Supply Co Athlete we can look into full sponsorship and more product and gear at your disposal. We want you to be 100% satisfied as an Team Athlete and will truly try our best to take care of you. I will be in contact with you at all times. We even give you the opportunity to earn free supplements from the first second you join the team. We set you up with a personal discount code to give out to your follower's that will get them 20% off all Division Supply Co's product as well as track your sales at the same time. Once three sales come in with your code, you get to choose a Free supplement or Team Apparel item of your choice! It only takes 3 for you to get 1 free! We want you to be successful and we love to reward our TEAM with Free Supps and Gear!
This can be super easy with a strong IG Following! The amount of followers can help, but aren't necessary to be successful. Only YOU can determine how successful you can be.
So, let’s special order you a Team Shirt, Blender Bottle, and the Supplement package of your choice.  To get you started just choose between the ATHLETE SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM or PLATINUM PLUS TEAM Package.
Use Team code “Athlete” at Checkout
Your Choice of DIMENSION Pre-Workout or QUICK SHRED 100 Fat Burner
TEAM Division Supply Co Icon T-SHIRT
TEAM Division Supply Co Blender Bottle
  • Your own personalized 20 % off discount code
     All this for our TEAM only price of $54.99 ( $30 Dollars off...$84.99 Retail Value)
Here's the direct link to the SILVER TEAM Package :
Link not worth sharing
Use TEAM Code “Icon” at Checkout
QUICK SHRED 100 Fat Burner
TEAM Division Supply Co Icon T-SHIRT,
TEAM Division Supply Co Blender Bottle
Your own 20% off personalized discount code
All this for our TEAM only price of $104.99 ( $50.00 Dollars off.. $154.99 Retail Value)
Here's the direct link to the GOLD TEAM Package :
Link not worth sharing
Use TEAM Code “BEASTMODE” at Checkout
QUICK SHRED 100 Fat Burner
TEAM Division Supply Co Icon T- SHIRT
TEAM Division Supply Co Blender Bottle
Your own personalized 20% off discount code
All this for our TEAM only price of $154.99 ( $ 70.00 Dollars off.. $224.99 Retail Value)
Here's the direct link to the PLATINUM TEAM Package :
Link not worth sharing
Use TEAM Code “GAINS” at Checkout
QUICK SHRED 100 Fat Burner
TEAM Division Supply Co Icon T- SHIRT
TEAM Division Supply Co Blender Bottle
Your own personalized 20% off discount code
TEAM Division Supply Co Hoodie
TEAM Division Supply Co Fitted Hat
All this for our TEAM only price of $254.99 ( $ 100.00 Dollars off $354.99 Retail Value)
Here's the direct link to the PLATINUM PLUS TEAM Package :
Link not worth sharing
*Now, remember these price's are only for you, we cannot offer or advertise this deal to anyone else.
I realize this is a lot to throw at you in one e-mail, so if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail at any time. I will be more then happy to answer any of them for you. If not, go ahead and order your package, as well as e-mail me what you you want your personalized coupon code to be and I'll process your order right away and get you your package shipped out!
I also made a TEAM page that will hopefully answer some of your easier to answer questions. Here is the direct link :
Link not worth sharing
-Jeremy Black
B.A., M.A.Ed. in Physical Education & Biology From Vanguard University
CPT. Certified Personal Trainer
FNS. Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Hey Jeremy where’s that coupon code? MelissaNoThanks

Other links to investigate this company



FitBbit Charge HR heart monitor stopped working

I charged my Fitbit Charge HR and then the heart rate monitor stopped working and I was so annoyed because it was the first time I charged the darn thing!  I asked my husband to see if he could fix it and sure enough he did and I thought I would share the hack with you!

Here is what he did to fix the heart rate monitor on my Fitbit Charge HR

  1. Open your fitbit app
  2. go to account
  3. select chargeHR
  4. set heart rate tracking to OFF
  5. go back to settings
  6. click sync now
  7. go back to settings
  8. set heart rate tracking to on
  9. sync again-
  10. FIXED!!!

Melissa Spiegel

Melissa Spiegel IFBB PRO – NPC Universe 2014

I got my Pro Card


My Amazing Family

My Amazing Family

WOW what a weekend! I still cannot believe it, I am finally an IFBB PRO.  I tried so hard in my 30’s to get that darn pro card, but I just wasn’t in the right place mentally, financially and every other possible way.  I was a single parent completely stressed, trying to compete and work!!! So what is the difference now?

My Amazing Husband Benjamin Spiegel

My Amazing Husband Benjamin Spiegel

My Life is complete, I met my husband about 7 years ago and we settled down, we found careers, had another baby, bought a house, rescued a horse…we fell in love and we support each other in what ever dreams we each have.  I knew that Pro Card would be waiting for me, but things like starting a family has to be done in a timely manner…lol

My Workout Partner & Daugther Abigail

My Workout Partner & Daughter Abigail

It was really nice to be so calm, anxiety free, and relaxed, to have my entire family with me at the competition, to have an awesome coach (Kim Oddo).  Competing in this way versus the way I competed in my 30’s is so very different.  So What’s next?  A LONG break, my teenager is turning 16 this fall so I have some planning to do for her sweet 16 party plus she will be driving soon…omg cannot even believe that!!!! So I guess I will be working on adding on more size to my physique and hopefully sometime next year I will make my pro debut!!!!!!!

Melissa Spiegel IFBB PRO

Melissa Spiegel IFBB PRO

Raw Honey Almond Granola

Raw Honey Granola Recipe

Raw Honey Almond Granola

Raw Honey Almond Granola


How often do we look for something healthy to snack on during contest prep? ALWAYS, right?  I may have found something that is just about perfect, filled with all the right nutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and it is crunchy!!!!  Sound too good to be true? It’s not.  It has been keeping me sane during my contest prep for both the Cutler and Team Universe.  It is a Raw Honey Granola Recipe that I like to call Honey Almond Granola, the catch is you must use raw honey, and not just any raw honey.  All natural raw honey.



  • Raw honey speeds up the conversion of food into energy in effect preventing the accumulation of body fat & expelling fat
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Raw honey has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that are similarly useful in relieving cold and flu symptoms.
  • many many more health benefits of raw honey you can read here.


    • 4 cups of certified gluten-free old fashioned oats
    • ½ cup of raw almonds – cut them up
    • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
    • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
    • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
    • ½ cup melted coconut oil
    • 2-3 tablespoons of Crystals Raw Honey
    • ¾ teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 tablespoon of flax seeds for essential fatty acids


    1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, spray pan with Pam.
    2. In a large bowl, combine the gluten free oats, almonds, salt, cinnamon & ground ginger.
    3. Stir in the coconut oil, raw honey, and flax seeds & vanilla. Spread out onto your ready pan and spread it in an even layer. Bake for about 22 to 24 minutes, stirring halfway.
    4. Let the granola cool before eating. Store the granola in an sealed container at room temperature about two weeks.


Jay Cutler Boston 2014 Results

Jay Cutler Boston 2014 Results

Preparing for this show I noticed something about myself, competition is not that important to me anymore and I had so much more fun preparing for this competition because of this realization.  What is important to me is my family, my husband, and my two daughters, they are what bring me happiness and without them I would not be the person I am today.  The person I am today is the happiest, most proud 40 year old woman on the plant!  My husband is rocking the advertising world and my oldest daughter is amazing in everyway possible.  Our youngest is just so cute none of us can stand it! I guess you could say I am the happiest person around!

Jay Cutler Figure A Open Champion & Master Figure A and Masters Overall Champion


Click the link below for a pdf of the full list of results

Jay Cutler Boston 2014 Results

Progress Timeline Photo

progress photo

progress photo


Not really sure what to make of this progress pic, it seems like my glutes look best in the second photo and progressively get worse… while my abbs do look tighter, not much else changes…ahhh the story of my life.  I just get smaller, no visible definition just a smaller version of me, oh well, so very happy to be in shape again, what more can I ask for!!!!!! :)

Food Allegies and weight loss plateau

Weight : 120.0 lbs
Height: 4′ 11″
Competition: Jay Cutler Classic 2014

It seems almost every time I diet down for a competition my body completely shuts down and refuses to shed a single pound. I can see that I am tighter and becoming more defined and my measurements are coming down and my clothes are fitting better but that darn number on that scale refuses to move! I came across this article Low Carb Dieting and well for certain I can say that my carb level is not too high nor is too low.  I am not using sweet-n-low or drinking diet sodas etc, so no hidden carbs that I can think of, I am eating around 1400 calories so I am not under eating!   I do not think that 1400 is overeating considering the amount of activity I do on a daily basis!  This also eliminates #5 “Lack of exercise”, I train like an animal and I do barn chores and I have a 4 year old, that about sums that up. Which brings me to number 6 “not drinking enough water”!  Ok this is something I need to work on!

6. Not Drinking Enough Water – Adipose tissue, ie. fat, is mobilized through a process called hydrolysis. As the word suggests, hydrolysis requires plenty of water. Insufficient amounts of water in your body will hinder effective breakdown of fat. If you’re exercising, or if your environment is warm and/or dry, you need to drink more water. If you are in active ketosis, you need to drink more water to flush the ketones out of your system. How much is enough? A bare minimum recommendation is 64 fluid oz (that’s 8 – 8 oz glasses) of water a day. Some experts suggest you should divide your current weight in pounds by 2; this number is how many ounces you should drink each day, but no less than 64 oz.
There is no disagreement on the need to drink sufficient amounts of fluids every day, but there are some arguments that it’s not necessary to drink only plain water. If you choose to not drink large volumes of water, you should ensure that you are consuming adequate fluid in the form of calorie and carb-free liquids. Note that coffee is neither calorie nor carb free. Three small 6 oz cups of coffee yield 12 calories and 2.4 carb grams. Add in the cream and packets of sweetener ………hmmm. Teas and herbal teas are generally close to zero carb, as well as diet sodas and mineral waters. Be careful that some diet sodas contain citric acid as a flavouring, as this has been known to stall some folks. It’s best to strive to drink as much plain water as possible; at least half of your day’s intake, more if possible.

 drink more water

drink more water

I can most certainly work on this and already bought my water gallon jug and marked it up with hours so I have a certain amount consumed by a certain hour.

OK so this brings me to what I found so interesting in this article and that is “8. Food Allergy & Intolerances”   I am highly allergic to egg whites and during competition prep I tend to eat a lot more egg whites and tend to break out in hives every single night. The last few nights have been miserable! So I am going to cut out egg whites for 2 weeks like the article suggests and see what happens!


Goals: Drink more water!  Cut out Egg Whites!

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